Wiro Binding A4

Wiro Binding Instructions:

  • Enter the quantity. Freely type into the quantity box.
  • Measure the thickness of your book choose the appropriate thickness in the price calculator.
  • Add Clear Front & black Back.
  • Choose your wire colour - silver is 20% extra
  • Choose a day when your job will arrive with us.
  • Choose a time before 5 pm 
  • Choose a day for collection.

Book Thickness Reference:

No 4 - 3mm Book ThicknessNo 9 - 10.5mm Book Thickness
No 5 - 4.5mm Book ThicknessNo 10 - 12mm Book Thickness
No 6 - 6mm Book ThicknessNo 14 - 18mmBook Thickness
No 7 - 7.5mm Book ThicknessNo 16 - 23mm Book Thickness
No 8 - 9mm Book ThicknessNo 20 - 28mm Book Thickness
Wire thickness Guide 


Use the table below to determine the thickness of your books. Simply measure the Spine thickness with a ruler.

Clear Acetate Front & Black Board Back

Please let us know when you need the job completed by.

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