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Cardboard Display Unit

With Point of Sale Printing, you can create stunning FSDUs that will grab attention and help promote your product. Our team of experts will help you create a display that really represents your business, ensuring that you make the best possible impression on potential clients.

Create your eye-catching displays today and grab the attention of potential clients. Display Units will help you to promote your product or draw your customers’ eyes to a special promotion and help them make another last-minute purchasing decision.

It is all about making your products stand out. This is why you need an inexpensive, self-standing marketing solution. With our design services, you can easily add a large recognising image of your brand, or a special story about this product. Maybe you are using local ingredients or you can brand your product as hand-made. Whatever you think is important for your customers to know about your product is what you should add to the FSDU. It is the best solution to get your investment returns as quickly as possible.

4 Different sizes to choose from:

  • Sim Jim: Height 121mm | Wide 390mm | Depth 280mm | 4 Shelves Per Unit | Each Shelf is 380mm wide x 280mm deep
  • Small but Mighty: Height 144mm | Wide 550mm | Depth 350mm | 4 Shelves Per Unit | Each Shelf is 545mm wide x 280mm deep
  • Big Daddy: Height 144mm | Wide 600mm | Depth 350mm | 4 Shelves Per Unit | Each Shelf is 600mm wide x 280mm deep 
  • Mighty Egg: Height 144mm | Wide 550mm | Depth 350mm | 4 Shelves Per Unit | Each Shelf is 685mm wide x 280mm deep 

At Business Print we take it upon ourselves to guarantee that every single product we make is of impeccable quality. With our modern machinery and efficient printing process, we are able to print and deliver high-quality products at cost-effective prices. If you would like further information on our service please contact us at or 01 450 8616.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.