Double Sided Window Decals

These are window decals that are printed on both sides of the adhesive so the print can be seen on both sides of the glass. When we are printing these type of stickers we print the first layer in 4 colour (CYMK) in reverse, we back that print with white ink, then we back the white print with grey ink, then print another layer or two of white ink and finally 4 colour (CYMK). This insures total opacityA good example of this type of window sticker is the Car Service Due sticker you will see in most cars. The print you see when you look at the sticker from the outside is different to the print on the inside.

We can now offer double-sided window stickers. This means that we can print a different design onto each side of a window sticker so you can display a different message to people inside and outside. Our double-sided window stickers feature a “blockout” layer between the designs so that the other design doesn’t show through. If you are interested in double-sided window stickers, please contact us for a quote or if need help with understanding.

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Total : € 90.00