GDPR Confidential School Late Sign-Out Book

This exclusive, self-duplicating pad is designed to help schools and colleges deal effectively with late arrivals, daytime medical appointments and early leavers. The book itself contains 200 uniquely numbered slips. Each slip is perforated so, once complete, it can be easily removed and given to the pupil. 


How should this pad be used?


Late Arrival: In the event of a late arrival, the pupil can take the completed slip with him or her to their classroom as proof they have signed in and the reason for their lateness.


Early Finish: Finally, in the event that a pupil needs to leave early, the slip again gives them proof that they are allowed to be outside of the school’s premises at that time.


Appointment: In the event that an appointment is made during the school day, the slip can be used by the pupil as proof that the school has given them permission to leave the school’s grounds.




  • Compliant: In line the GDPR – 2018’s Data Protection Legislation – this unique spiral bound pad has a discreet sheet to stop pupils, unauthorised staff, parents and members of the public from seeing who has signed in or out previously.
  • Fire Register: Should the school undertake a fire drill or need to be evacuated for any reason, the yellow duplicate sheet can help staff account for the whereabouts of pupils that may well have been originally recorded as being present on the class register. 4 Books in a set of 50 sheets
  • Numbered: To help you manage absentees, each slip is uniquely number
  • Divider: Built-in card divider to stop details appearing lower down the pad
  • Robust: Spiral bound document and card cover make this pad fairly hardwearing.


All the pages are glued on the four edges of the paper to form a secure enclosed 3 way paper set.

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)


  • Date - Class
  • Name of pupil
  • Reason
  • Signeture
  • Time In - Time Out 
  • Numbered


  • Book 1 - Standard has 25 pages with 10 Entries per Page ( 300 Entries)
  • Numbered from 001 to 250
  • Book 2 - Standard has 25 pages with 10 Entries per Page ( 300 Entries)
  • Numbered from 251 to 500
  • Book 3 - Standard has 25 pages with 10 Entries per Page ( 300 Entries)
  • Numbered from 501 to 750

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