A special discounted range of postal services for direct mailing from An Post. The more you send the more you save. PostAim is available for promotional and marketing campaigns consisting of 2,000 items or more. Business Print can offer you savings by preparing your mailing to An Post requirements before it ever reaches the mailing hub.

PostAim is perfect for:

  • Keeping in touch with your customers
  • Launching new products
  • Attracting customers to a retail outlet
  • Fundraising
  • Brand building and Public Relations
  • Open doors for your sales force
  • Boosting customer loyalty
  • Reminders or invitations

There are two standard levels of pre-sorting:

  • Pre-sort 2 (Pre-sort 61): For mailings of 2,000 to 10,000 items, sorted to Dublin District and County level
  • Pre-sort 3 (Pre-sort 152): For mailings greater than 10,000 items, sorted to Dublin District and Post Town level

Letter/Postcard Restrictions:

No larger than C5 in size (i.e. half the size of  an A4 sheet). Also known as POP or Post Office Preferred.

  • Min: 140mm (l) x 90mm (w) x 0.18mm (d)
  • Max: 235mm (l) x 162mm (w) x 5mm (d)

Large Envelope Restrictions:

Items up to C4 in size (i.e. the size of an envelope containing flat A4 sheets). Also knows as a “flat” item

  • Min: 140mm (l) x 90mm (w) x 0.18mm (d)
  • Max: 400mm (l) x 300mm (w) x 25mm (d)

Packet Restrictions:

Caters for three dimensional items like boxes, tubes and envelopes which exceed the limits of a Large Envelope

  • Min: 100mm (l) x 70mm (w) x 25mm (d)
  • Max: In tube form the maximum dimensions (the length plus twice the diameter) must not be greater than  1,040mm, with no dimension exceeding 900mm.

Further information is available from An Post or directly from Business Print.