Business Print are experts in data manipulation. If you need to generate barcodes based on your database content or to process your existing database in order to extract relevant information, look no further.

An example of our database processing work would be the generation of relevant salutations. There are many different ways of greeting your customers; some of which will be more appropriate than others. Business Print can sort your data in order to ensure that the correct salutation is used when required and, if it doesn’t already exist, we can create if for you using your data. Example:

  • Dear Mr. John F. Kennedy
  • Dear Mr. John Kennedy
  • Dear Mr. J Kennedy
  • Dear Mr. Kennedy
  • Dear John
  • Dear Customer (when no valid data exists)

Our data mining skills allow us to take one (or more) of your databases and extract the information relevant to your mailing. We have considerable experience in handling data for blue-chip customers and Government agencies and would welcome any questions you may have.