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Keep Your Distance Floor Mat

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Keep Your Distance Floor Mat

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Keep Your Distance Floor Mat Red

Keep Your Distance Mat Thank You

Keep Your Distance Mat Thank You

It is incredible how much creativity business owners in Ireland have shown in the past year. The need to stay open, to find solutions to still serve your consumers has sparked all kinds of inventions and ideas.

Every business has suffered earning losses and each has its problems, but one thing all of us have in common is directing people where to stand and reminding them about cleanliness. 

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about your employees or guests, social distancing floor mats clearly explain to everyone where to stand and on which side to walk

Displaying a message is mandatory, but creating a visible, colourful, and easy to spot message is important. You don’t want your guest to guess where they need to stand, you need a way to transmit the message clearly and effectively.

If you want your business to entice trust in your customers combine high-quality floor mats with other COVID-19 Safety Signage and let them know you care about their health and needs.

Our Social Distancing Floor Mats

At Business Print you can find high-quality social distancing floor mats created with the latest technology printing. They are slip-resistant, look beautiful and can fit into any design, and the materials will survive many wash cycles with ease.

What’s more, you can get a two-year guarantee on all our social distancing floor mats. The warranty covers manufacturing defects like a too early loss of fiber and weight. 

Find Your Social Distancing Floor Mat

These mats are perfect for hotel receptions, business entrances and all other places where you might meet a lot of clients. You will find this product is resilient to foot traffic and quite a few wash-dry cycles.

If you are looking for a social distancing mat that conveys the message perfectly, look no further. Contact us through the form or give us a call on 01 4508616 if you need more information about tour products.