Divider tab Cutting

In the Quantity box on the price calculator. Enter the total amount of dividers required, regardless of how many sets or number of tabs per set.

Max Tab size is 13mm 

Trimming Instructions for A4 plus 13mm Tab

Trim A4 sheet to 297mm x 223mm (210 +13mm).

Trim the sheet to finished size except for the tab, which is to be trimmed to finished size 13mm max.


4 Dividers per set x 250 sets  = 1000 Tabs

4 dividers per sheets x 500 sets = 2000 Tabs

4 Dividrers per Sheet x 2 Banks of 4 Tabs x 250 sets = 2000 Tabs

4 Dividers per Sheet x 2 Banks of 4 Tabs x 500 sets = 4000 Tabs





Numbers of Sets x Number Tabs per set

Should equal your quantity.

For Example

Number of sets required is 250 with 5 dividers per set

Number tabs per set = 5

250 x 5 = 1250 Tabbed Divers


Total€ 35.00