Carton Printing and Packaging

A product’s packaging is a crucialmarketing tool as it is the first interaction between the product and the customer. As such, special attention must be paid to how your folded cartons, boxes or sleeves are printed. Your business should invest in quality print packaging – the process of printing packaging materials – so the final design would reflect the spirit of the company and communicate the product’s value to the customer.


Lithographic packaging print deadlines and costs have become increasingly demanding. This litho printing

equipment is supplemented by advanced PrePress and Finishing departments with equipment which includes:


  • Digital Workflow System
  • CTP Chemical Free Platesetter
  • Colour Proofer with Proof Pass Calibration Software
  • PressPass Colour Management Software
  • Intellitrax Colour Control System
  • Letterpress Foiling
  • Inline straight line & crash lock glue
  • Die cutting


  • Boxes
  • Branded Cups
  • Crash-lock Boxes
  • Folded Cartons
  • Pillow Packs
  • Printed Bags
  • Sleeves
  • Custom Packaging and much more
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