Business Print Connect

Business Print Connect is a new concept within print. We are the only Irish based business specialising in automating print procurement, helping you to reduce transactional and admin costs while benefitting from fast turnaround and exceptional quality. So if you are a large multinational or A multi-outlet company and you are are looking to simplify your print procurement process Business Print Connect is perfect for you.

Every B2B/Corporate account has their own specific ordering requirements. Business Print Connect has been designed to give complete flexibility where Business Print can easily set up accounts, as and when needed. Please call us for a full online demonstration, let us show you how you can save time and money. 

Reduce artworks costs by using online editable templates such as business cards, menu’s, fliers, press release and much more...

  • Control Branding guidelines
  • Control your media message
  • Generate/edit Social Media Templates


Corporate Branded Store Front

  • Custom branding with your logo for landing pages
  • Custom URL's for Login pages. www.
  • Corporate specific products, design templates & pricing
  • Corporate Specific – Payment, Split Shipping, Tax, Invoice



Corporate Admin / Dashboard

  • Manage and monitor corporate print ordering & reports
  • Role based Corporate Admin rights
  • Manage customers, departments, orders, templates
  • Set up the approval process



Department / Branch / Franchisee’s


  • Franchisee profile – Users, products and templates
  • Rule Based Approval & Budget control
  • Assign Manager to manage multiple franchisees
  • Kit Products for predefined products
  • Manage Inventory & Fulfilment


Extensive Rule based template personalization

  • User/Store Profile based personalization
  • Multiple rules to manage complex personalization
  • Limited personalization to manage branding
  • Mass template personalization



Easy to setup B2B Store

  • No IT Programmers required
  • Personalized Support & Set-up services
  • Flexibility to Customize & Third party integration