Alcohol Free Hand Spray

Sold by the box - each box contains 24 Bottles x 100ml

Kill Plus - Spray on Sanitizer Kills 99.99%

Bacteria & Germs

Alcohol Free

Suitable for Adults & Children

Spray hand sanitizer: a quick and effective way.

This product is without alcohol, it also sanitizes your hands without being aggressive on the skin. Kill Plus is a product with a pH of 5.5. It is also suitable for the skin of children and the elderly who have the most delicate skin and are intolerant to contact with foreign substances. Its formula is enriched with emollients and moisturizing agents: your protection does not have to spoil your skin because the Kill Plus is not dry, and it absorbs quickly.


This product does not contains not even perfume. With Kill Plus you are protected and hydrated at the same time. To use it without rinsing, so it is perfect to always have clean hands when you are in public places. Outside the home it is not always possible to wash your hands, you can solve it with Kill Plus, you don't need water, you just need a practical small bottle 100 ml, easy to carry in your purse or pocket.


Kill Plus is as effective as the disinfectant gel, only that it is alcohol free and solvent free. His strength sanitizante is derived from the antibacterial agent which contains.

The absence of alcohol makes this product not flammable, and therefore safer to transport and store.

Kill Plus +is a vial by 100 ml, to take with him, to use in everyday life, in travel and in situations in which it is in contact with many people


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