Lithographic print deadlines and costs have become increasingly demanding, so to ensure Business Print can offer a high quality product and at the right price, we have invested in the very latest technology. With the installation of a brand new 5 colour B2 printing press and state of the art Computer to Plate work flow we can deliver on these demands.

...5 colour B2 printing press...

Lithographic Printing Equipment

Business Print has a wide range of printing options available to ensure a flexible and responsive service offering. Our lithographic equipment includes a five colour B2 Printing Press with IR Dryer.

PrePress & Finishing Equipment

This litho printing equipment is supplemented by advanced PrePress and Finishing departments with equipment which includes:

  • Digital Workflow System
  • CTP Chemical Free Platesetter
  • Colour Proofer with Proof Pass Calbration Software
  • PressPass Colour Management Software
  • Intellitrax Colour Control System
  • 2 x Programatic Guillotines
  • Collating & Inline Booklet Maker
  • Perfect Binding Machine
  • 2 x Folding & Inline Gluing Machines
  • Wide Format Laminating Machine

Intellitrax Colour Control System

InteliTrax is X-Rite’s advanced automated colour management scanning for press-side colour control. Ultra-fast, IntelliTrax automatically scans the colour bar of a typical press sheet in less than 15 seconds with the ability to measure special colours, Pantone Colours, non-process colours and paper colour. IntelliTrax instantly reports these results on-screen, so press operators can quickly make adjustments and get to approved colour faster. IntelliTrax is the ideal colour management soution for high-end, high speed printing operations.